LIVE LOVE SPA is the premier community for spa professionals to connect, discover and learn about new trends, products, experiences and emerging insights within the wellness space. 

We are dedicated to the progression and advancement of all things spa and wellness through our 22+ experiential professional events in North America, corporate and consumer events, community app, discovery online shop and International Wellness Month initiative.

This is a team of unicorns making magic happen everyday!

This team of unicorns will make your Live Love Spa experience nothing short of magical

Known around the office as “euGenius” because he’s as savvy as they come. World traveled, trilingual, and always on the lookout for the latest tech at the best price. Eugene is full of fun facts and mind-blowing stories to tell.

Vice President & General Manager / Foodie / Karaoke Legend

Eugene Yang

He’s responsible, he’s organized, and he’s here to get things done. Scott effortlessly manages our entire team of crazy creatives, wonderful oddballs, and even a couple of fired up family members. As the lead spa man of the company, he is disciplined with his personal wellness and wakes up at 4:30am everyday to get his fitness circuit in and prioritizes bi-monthly trips to the Korean Spa.

CFO / Dad / Ultimate Packing Champion / Sommelier In Training

Scott Michaelis

She’s all about the experience, not stuff. As a serial entrepreneur, she has taken the wellness world by storm. She has a wealth of knowledge from her 25+ years of sales/marketing experience in tech, fashion, gift, and spa industries. Her motto is work hard play hard, so she takes her spa treatments as seriously as her business meetings.

CEO / Girl Boss / Spa Aficionado / Momma Bear

Lisa Michaelis

She is a vibrant natural redhead from Australia and keeps us up to date on all the latest Aussie slang. Her passport is adorned with stamps from 45+ countries and she’s always ready for the next adventure (or unique food stop!). Belinda finds joy in her role at Live Love Spa because she’s all about creating meaningful experiences.

Senior Events Manager / Resident Aussie / Real Life Emoji / Beach Baby


Soft-spoken and sweet yet the reigning sovereign of getting things done. She’s a master organizer, team player, and has the kind of adorable laugh that makes you laugh along too. She’s a new mom and military wife and still runs the show for our CRMs, yeah, we can’t believe she’s real either.

Associate Director, Client Relations / Navey Wifey / Loving Mama 


Keila is half Hollywood glamour and half nature hippie. She sings like a bird and as a true performer, treats photo-bombing like a full-time job. She is also a former food tour guide with a gift for leading others on incredible journeys; there is nothing this girl isn’t afraid to discover.



Michael has an eye for beauty whether behind the video camera or manicuring his “glamp” grounds in NorCal. He has an appreciation and love for nature and strives to live a balanced lifestyle. Michael is the ultimate big bro; fiercely protective (especially now that he’s a new Dad) but doesn’t miss an opportunity for a funny prank. With now 6 years in the spa industry under his belt, this former MMA fighter has no shame in his skincare game.

Creative Director / Mentalist / Woodsman / Prankster



Client Relationship Manager / Instant Bestie / Southern Charm / Lil’ Baker

She’s as sweet as her homemade, fresh-out-the-oven cupcakes with a southern accent that’ll win your heart. Many of her clients have become her best friends and it’s easy to see why. She’s an excellent listener, sincere, and a real fireball at a Dallas Cowboys football game.

Hannah honed her superior graphic design skills from Korea and takes down projects almost as fast as she takes down a pack of Pocky (her fav Korean chocolate snack). When she isn’t whipping up greatness at her laptop, Hannah travels, takes care of her 4 pets, hikes with friends, and goes on cute dates with her Marine husband.

Graphic Designer / Shabu Shabu Expert / Wizard / “Zoo” Manager


Account Manager / Class Clown / Gains Chaser / Charmer


Towering at 6ft. 5in tall, we call Jackson our “little one”. Fresh out of college and ready to take on anything, he is our resident “Try Guy”. He didn’t expect to have a career in spa and wellness but he is definitely a spa man in the making. Although his true happy place is in the center of a Chipotle burrito, he’s open to trying the latest K-beauty face masks, manicures, and facials.

Marisol redefines makeup artistry as an expression of self-love. Whether it’s beauty tips or where to find the best vegan tacos, she’ll happily give you the inside scoop because she’s everyone’s best friend. She sees true beauty in others and will tell you to love what your mama gave you!

Brand Success Manager / MUA / Body Positive Advocate / Latina Fireball


CRM / Green Eggs & Sam/ Runway Model / Breaker of bones (her own) 

Sammy is a gem of a human and makes our whole team feel cared for with her thoughtfulness. She fell into the spa industry by what she calls coincidence but we call fate. It may seem like she’s soft spoken at first but don’t be deceived - she’ll tear up the dance floor and board game night if given the opportunity!


Client Relationship Manager / Explorer / Cubicle Dancer / Holistic Expert

Anasia is the hearth of the Live Love Spa home, spreading love and compassion through everything she does. Her main sources of positive power are her “furbabies”. Singer, dancer, shamanic healer, and massage therapist – she is on a mission to make the world for those around her not just a place to live, but to thrive.


You’ll hear her giggle before you see her. Nadia is a ray of sunshine and the office compass. With a great sense of direction, she knows where to find the next cool brewery AND where the beauty trends are headed.

Digital Media Manager / Coffee Aficionado / Miss Chatty


Dressed in pink and turning heads, Natalie is a fashionista and socialite. She takes on extraction facials and daring hikes like they’re as easy as her 100% eminence skincare routine. An educator, proud mom, and seeker of all things spatastic, she’s the perfect guide to finding self-love through self-care. 

CRM / Outdoor conqueror / Pink lady / Mom of the year


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