Probiotic Hydrating Night Cream | BeBella

Probiotic Hydrating Night Cream | BeBella

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Probiotic Hydrating Night Cream | BeBella - 50 mL/1.76 fl oz

Moisturizer and Humectant, Topical probiotics promote healthy skin by boosting the skin’s essential barrier function. BeBella Probiotic Hydrating Night Cream keeps moisture inside and prevents the invasion of bad bacteria and irritants that may trigger inflammation and infection.

Perfect For: Women with very dry and sensitive skin. Especially effective for those who suffer from acne, eczema and rosacea

Pro Tip: Light weight and non-greasy can be used twice a day for more mature skin

Bebe & Bella - Bebe & Bella probiotic skincare

BeBe & Bella is a company created by women for women. They face the same daily stresses as you and know what the challenges of balancing a career, children, and life in general can do to one’s health and appearance. They understand that when you have a glowing complexion, it radiates self-confidence and strength- true beauty. All women deserve the opportunity to do it all and look good while doing it. BeBe & Bella is you!