Simplifying wholesale shopping for spa buyers

Order popular brands and retail lines with a modern, consolidated ordering platform without order minimums, shipped complete from one source. 

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Made for spa industry buyers


Buy the exact amount of what you need when you need it.

Consolidated Ordering

Order from multiple brands in one interface with a single payment.

No Backorders

Tired of Backorders? We only display what's in stock in real time.

Dropship to your clients

Dropship from multiple brands straight to your client's homes with a single order, shipped immediately with tracking info sent to you.

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Commitment Free Discovery

Avoid the hassle of setting up new vendors with time consuming documentation and set up. Live Love Spa curates great retail and other fun items without a commitment or going down a brand sales funnel.

Skin Care




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Featured Brands

Lucky Owl

Wellness lifestyle retail items

[comfort zone]

Luxury skin care line

"The convenience of online shopping has completely changed my business. Maybe a lucky owl buyer testimonial?"

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The Future of
spa & Wellness wholesale is online

The days of ordering from 10 different brands, paying 10 separate shipping costs, and tracking 10 separate orders are over. Order multiple brands and products from Live Love Spa Wholesale with a single credit card and get a single tracking number and one flat shipping rate.

P.S. - Orders placed by 3pm EST are shipped out same day!

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