Sandalwood Grass Incense

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 a fresh incense with the harmonious scent of grass that seems greener after a cool summer shower and the warm woody scent of sandalwood.


Amount: 110 sticks

Burning Time: 30 minutes

Packages produced with 100% green energy

Made as a by-product of the processing of non-GMO organic products such as tangerines, corn, olives and almonds


The natural flavor is produced by kneading milkweed skin, corn starch and wood flour. It is carefully extracted by hand by artisans, dried in the natural wind, and aged for several months to achieve the perfect aroma.

Oimu Seonhyang was produced in collaboration with a traditional Hyangbang, which has been making incense in Korea for a long time and maintaining the tradition of domestic natural incense.

OIMU aims to revive the culture of traditional seonhyang, which is considered only for ceremonial purposes, and provides the joy of breathing in good incense.

Incense is like the air that surrounds you, and when the incense spreads in the air, you can share good energy with those around you. When the scent is mixed with the breath, it can awaken the disturbed sense of smell, purify the body and calm the stressed mind.

Please share the smoke of the burned incense naturally around you and ventilate the room from time to time so that you can follow the wind path.


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