We recognize your love for spa and wellness, your unique perspective and encouraging others to be the best version of themselves. So, guess what?! You deserve the best too!

Live Love Spa’s Pro-Insider Membership is an exclusive club for spa industry professionals to discover and stay on top of the latest and greatest trends in spa and wellness with so many special perks and discounts.

Pro-Insider Membership

$97 annual membership 

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40% off RETAIL price on spa and wellness products* throughout the year on ShopLiveLoveSpa.com for your professional discovery and use. (*some exclusions may apply, ex. equipment and devices)

Access to exclusive content including all speaker presentations from the Wellness Month Virtual Pro Summit. Anyone can watch it live for free, but only Pro-Insiders get private post event access to content anytime anywhere 24/7.

Perks! Perks! Perks! – You love free stuff and bonuses! I mean, doesn’t it make you feel extra special that you’re in the know?! 

Perks you say?!?

Yup! For example, you’ll get private access to the “Tool Kit” from the Wellness Month Virtual Pro Summit (with over $750 in speaker resources and discounts to help you and your business grow), special giveaways, product launches, fun flash sales, closeouts for up to 75% off retail price and more throughout the year!

MSRP - $36.00

Member Price $21.60

MSRP - $40.00

Member Price $24.00

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Feel good while supporting the amazing brands in this industry! Stay on top of trends and discover the best in spa and wellness to share with others. Join our tribe of spa directors, managers, aestheticians, massage therapists, healers, brand partners that make the world a better and healthier place. We salute you and support you!

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Up to 40% off retail!

Industry professionals can now easily try new products on their own terms and have full control on how and when to connect with leading brands for wholesale inquiries.

Qualifications: Applications are accepted for only those that are actively working in the spa industry. Must show valid business card, license or proof of current active employment.

Connect with Brands

Easily connect with top brands through our “Wholesale Inquiry” link. Eliminates the time spent looking for your local brand rep’s contact info.

Increase Revenue

Know which brands are hot and trending well. Self-discover which products are more effective for your customers.

Clients can tell when you love the products you’re using and they’ll want to share your passion too. The more products you try, the more self-care knowledge you can bring to your customers.

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Why a membership?

Discover new and certified authentic spa and wellness products at 40% off retail price.

We know you don’t always have the time to search for new products for your spa. Our team curates the best in spa and wellness.

Have you ever gotten a sample from a vendor only to be put into a relentless sales funnel? With your Pro-Insider Membership, you’re able to try products without the pressure of going down the wholesales sales funnel, and when you’re ready to connect with the brand, utilize our easy and convenient wholesale inquiry form.

We know you’re busy and sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of what’s trending in the industry. Don’t worry, we’re here to help curate the best brands and products and share them with you in the most digestible and fun way.


How It Works

You'll receive a Pro-Insider Members Only single-use monthly discount code on the First Friday of every month via email for 30-40% off your shopping cart (some exclusions may apply).

New members will receive the current month's discount code upon sign up and membership approval.

Note: Each monthly code will expire upon use or at the end of month. So use it wisely!

You will also gain access to flash sales and giveaways from amazing brand partners with instructions on how to participate when available. 

The Fine Print

  • This is NOT a wholesale membership or service. Discounts are off RETAIL price. All applicable sales taxes will apply.
  • As this is a professional discovery store, there is a limit of quantity 1 per SKU per order (although since this code can only be used once per month – you’ll want to include all the SKU’s you want to try on your monthly order).
  • Items purchased may not be used for resale, any violation will terminate membership immediately.
  • Discounts are non-transferable and can only be used with your Pro-Insider member email address when you log into Shop Live Love Spa.
  • Pro-insider discount codes may not be combined with other discounts, coupon codes or special offers.
  • All communications originate from the private group in the app. You may turn on email notifications.
  • Some exclusions may apply, ex. Equipment, devices, furniture.  We will provide any exclusions upon release of code. 
  • No refunds on purchases made with your pro-insider membership codes.
  • Codes are only valid for month issued and do not carry over.

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