$10 & Under Wellness Gifts for a Happy, Healthy 2023

Wellness for that Busy Big Boss Energy!

At Live Love Spa, we celebrate #maskmonday so we keep masks on hand at
all times. From super beginner to self-care aficionado, an easy to use
undereye patch or sheet mask is a great tool to quickly perk up your skin. At
$3-$5 each, a little set of these makes a fabulous gift!

- Moodmask - Just Let It Glow | Patchology - $5
- Hemp CBD Coconut Eye Gels | Mantra Mask - $5

Wellness for a DIY Spa at home!

Bath time brought to you by the brands that inspire spas. Baths are rituals
we often say we don’t have time for. Gift your special someone a reminder to
take time for themselves and sheesh – relax already!

- Sore Muscle Bath Bombs | Primal Elements - $7
- CBD Bath Salts | Mama Medicinals - $9
- Bath Truffle | Zents - $9
- Handmade Paper Soap | Pure Fiji - $5.50

Wellness for the Jetsetter Traveler!

Staying serene amidst the chaos of travel is a special art. Gift some self-care
solutions that make getting there and home again a little easier.
- Sleep Well Mini Aromatherapy | Scentered - $7
- Essential Wipes - 10 Pack Tube | Functional Botanicals - $6.50
- CBD Dark Chocolate | Moksha Chocolate - $5
- Frooze Balls - $2.99

Jet Setter | Popmask - $5

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