Virtual Brand Resources & FAQ’s

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Virtual Sponsor/Exhibitor FAQs

Q: Do I need to be on camera?
A: For the speed networking, yes - you should be camera and mic on.

Q: Can I attend from my phone?
A: Yes, though your user experience will be worse. We highly recommend joining from desktop from a chrome browser. Virtual networking will not work via mobile device.

Q: Can I bring more than one rep?
A: You can have one rep to hype your brand in the chat and answer questions in the booth. If you’d like additional team members to watch the event and enjoy, that’s great! We highly recommend you invite some of your top clients in the chat to hype for you!

Q: Will I receive an attendee list?
A: There is a function in the event that attendees can “register interest” with your brand. You will receive all of the contact information to connect with these hot leads as well as those who wish to connect with you through the networking portion. You will not receive the information for every single attendee. This is an effort to save both you and our attendees time and energy by only connecting you to those who are excited to further conversation.

Q: I want Live Love Spa to run a giveaway of my product for additional exposure on the main stage. What’s next?
A: Please email with the details, value, and a few photos of your giveaway and she can provide next steps.

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