Face & Body Exfoliator Brush/Flower | Heaven's Melody
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Face & Body Exfoliator Brush/Flower | Heaven's Melody

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Face & Body Exfoliator Brush/Flower | Heaven's Melody

- Removes makeup, dead skin cells, dirt
- Sheds dead skin cells and encourages new cell renewal
- Improves vascular blood circulation
- Evenly distributes fat deposits
- Helps the skin release metabolic waste and toxins
- Gives comfortable massager feeling
- Soft on sensitive skin

Cruelty free, BPA free, Latex free, smell free, non-toxic, non-absorbent, anti-bacterial, anti-mold, eco-friendly

Pro Tip: Use the brush in the shower for a good lather, or try to brush the skin when it is dry.

After use wash with liquid soap and warm water. Silicone is strong enough that it can be even boiled clean.
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Professional Skincare
Heaven's Melody underlying philosophy concerning skin care is based on the fact that skin is a living tissue continually restoring itself. Therefore, they formulate their products to work not only on the surface, but also deeper, on a cellular level. Their skin care products use the finest ingredients and are designed to target every specific skin type to achieve its particular goal.

They are certified by Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free Program.
98% of their products are vegan.
Most of their products are paraben free, gluten free.
Heaven's Melody will plant a tree for every product sold @TreesForTheFuture.