Pewter Walnut 2-In-1 Classic Fragrance Warmer | Soy Delicious + Candle Warmers

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Want to enjoy the same amazing scent our candles have to offer without the flame? This 2-in-1 Soy Block Ceramic Warmer is the perfect alternative. Melt your favorite Soy Delicious candle or soy block with their beautiful ceramic warmer.

Choose the candle or soy block from all our amazing scents. To use for candles: remove the plate to warm a candle. To use for soy blocks: take 2 blocks and place them on the plate. Just plug the warmer into an outlet and let the scent take over your space.

Warning: Be sure to have the warmer within sight. Keep away from things that can catch fire. Keep out of reach of children and pets. If using candle on warmer do not light candle. Allow the warmer to melt the candle. Do not leave warmer on for more than 4 hours. Turn off warmer after use.

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