Just Launched: Skin Authority Complete Facial Fix

Just Launched: Skin Authority Complete Facial Fix

Skin Authority launches their new Complete Facial Fix experience. Join us for the inside scoop. 

The Complete Facial Fix Experience is launching at prestigious locations like Carillon Miami, Canyon Ranch, and more. LIVE LOVE SPA CEO, Lisa Michaelis, had an exclusive chance to experience this transformative treatment at Skin Authority Headquarters in San Diego with their CEO, Celeste Hilling.

The 411 

The Complete Fix Facial | $239 | 50 minutes (Description and Pricing from Carillon Miami but suggested retail may vary by location)
This Skin Authority treatment immediately makes your appearance more youthful, even-toned, and radiant with natural hydration. Powered by our best-selling, patented SGF-4 Technology™ this professional treatment elevates topical treatments to produce a new level of immediately visible cosmetic wrinkle and texture improvement without the need for injections of chemical hyaluronic acid formulations. Clinically shown to boost the skin’s regeneration process promoting collagen production, healthy circulation, and accelerated cell renewal. This facial delivers an advanced, anti-inflammatory exfoliation paired with a patented blend of Growth Factors that repair, correct imperfections, fill, volumize, and smooth uneven texture.


The Benefits

This skin immunity treatment is safe for everyone. It works to reduce inflammation, lift, firm, and brighten your skin. 

Key perks - its non-invasive nature and zero recovery time. Coupled with derma stamping, this treatment ensures maximum product absorption and results. You can even go out in the sun post-treatment (don't forget your SPF!).

This treatment also pairs perfectly with other skincare treatments like micro-needling or laser, accelerating the healing process and enhancing your skin's natural glow.

Why it's Unique

The exclusive Regenerative Growth Factor Complete Technology with patented SGF-4- boost your skin's immunity for the long run, making it ideal for those with skin conditions caused by radiation therapy, rosacea, acne, diabetes, and other immune-compromised concerns. 

Where to experience this treatment:

Looking to revitalize your skin and achieve a youthful glow? Look no further than Skin Authority's Complete Facial Fix. Your skin will thank you.

This treatment is currently available at the Carillon Miami and Canyon Ranch. If you're an avid spa goer, check out this treatment (and other Skin Authority treatments near you:  Skin Authority Treatment Locator)

Wholesale Inquires: If you're a spa professional, click here to inquire to bring this treatment into your spa.

Shop LIVELOVESPA.COM: Can't make it into a spa just yet? Check out our Skin Authority collection so you can spa at home.


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