Probiotic Facial Cleanser | BeBella

Probiotic Facial Cleanser | BeBella

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Probiotic Facial Cleanser | BeBella - 120mL/4.2 fl oz

BeBella Probiotic Facial Cleanser thoroughly and gently removes dirt and other impurities from the skin while leaving it moist and conditioned - avoid the dry and tight feeling left by regular cleansers.A small pearl-sized amount is all you need to even remove stubborn eye makeup without the use of an additional eye makeup remover. The probiotics promote the skin's natural wound healing processes heaps to accerlerate healing of broken skin caused by excessive dryness or chronic skin condtions. The probiotic ferment filtrates coupled with three fatty acids improve skin elasticity, returning the skin to a balanced pH. Amazing value, our facial cleanser last for up to 6 months due to it highly concentrated formula.

Perfect For: removing even stubborn eye makeup without the necessity of an additional product

Pro Tip: women love to use this foaming cleanser in the shower.

Bebe & Bella - Bebe & Bella probiotic skincare

BeBe & Bella is a company created by women for women. They face the same daily stresses as you and know what the challenges of balancing a career, children, and life in general can do to one’s health and appearance. They understand that when you have a glowing complexion, it radiates self-confidence and strength- true beauty. All women deserve the opportunity to do it all and look good while doing it. BeBe & Bella is you!