Birch + Pepper | Happy Candles

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Birch + Pepper | Happy Candles - 4 oz

Happy Candles candles are crafted in their studio in Oregon. Each small batch is hand poured into reusable 8oz. and 4 oz. modern mason jars topped with a black metal lid. They are proud to use the highest quality and cleanest pure vegetable based soy wax available today. The soy beans are derived from non-GMO farms in the United States which leave a much lighter ecological footprint than other candles containing paraffin wax. Their candles include natural essential oils and premium fragrance oils, both safe for the people and pets in your home. They leave their candles in their natural white state and do not add any phthalates or dyes to color the wax. The exceptional ingredients in their candles give you more time to enjoy them with a beautiful burn time of 40 to 50 hours.

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