Calm Essential Oil Vial | Aluminate Life

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Calm Essential Oil Vial | Aluminate Life - 30 mL/14.5 oz

This Aluminate Life Essential Oil Vial is a sodalite crystal-infused dropper scented with chamomile, nerolina and sage relieve your stress, clear your mind and guide you to serenity. 

Each Crystal-Infused Essential Oil Vial is made with natural premium therapeutic-grade essential oils. Features a euro dropper to inhibit oxidation and measure your step to wellness each time.

Pro Tip:  Place a few drops into your palms, rub together and inhale to de-stress. Massage into back of neck and shoulders. Add to your mist diffuser. Add to epsom salts and dissolve in bath water or add to shower. Blend with coconut oil and massage into skin. Add a few drops to a damp cloth or dryer balls in laundry.

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