Capri Soy Block | Soy Delicious

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Capri Soy Block | Soy Delicious - 5 oz package

Imagine returning from vacation and wishing that you could take the beach home with you. Your wish has been granted in the CAPRI candle. Anytime you have a desire to be taken back to your rest and relaxation place on the beach feeling the sand, sun, water and wind on your skin, all you have to do is light the wick and allow the aroma to take you on a journey.

The CAPRI candle not only engages your senses but it is also functional. It smells delicious, feels luxurious and can be used as a moisturizing aromatherapy on your skin. This candle is made with organic ingredients that are human-friendly.

1 Pack of Soy Blocks comes in (5oz) packages.
Each pack contains 6 soy blocks.
Wax warmer not included; available for purchase


MSRP: $22

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