Gold Flower Vase - Live Love Spa Exclusive

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Gold Metal Flower Vase - flowers not included. 


Live Love Spa’s exclusive gold metal vase is perfect for any occasion with it’s modern, classic minimalist design.  Use it as a flower vase or for taller decorative elements.  No need to worry about it breaking because this is a lightweight, yet durable, stainless steel flower vase. 

Live Love Spa created this vase as we travel a lot and we’re on the search for a cost-effective, yet beautiful vase we can utilize for our boutique spa tradeshow decor.   This is the perfect decorative flower vase for trade show tables or roadshows. 

Believe it or not, for some reason, gold metal flower vases are hard to find, so look no further, this classic gold metal flower vase is for you!

Stainless Steel Gold Metal Flower Vase - Great for Mother's Day Vase, Valentine's Day Vase or any gift occasion. Also great for trade show vase, trade show decor

Material Stainless Steel 410 - Material: Made of stainless steel with gold electroplating, and of the same food-grade quality which can be found on stainless steel mugs

Height 15cm - 6 inches

Diameter 10cm - 3.9 inches

Color: gold 

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