Green Jade Calm Face Mask | KNESKO

These decadent Green Jade Calm Face Masks feature a carefully curated selection of ingredients to minimize redness, soothe reactive skin, and bolster skin’s defenses. Treat yourself to this symbol of abundance and prosperity, and see your skin and spirit transform as a result.

Sale price$42.00
Size: Single

These Green Jade Face Masks boast the proven Calming Complex. Imparting good fortune for skin and spirit, Green Jade Powder has a nurturing, strengthening effect on your complexion. Be prepared for instant results from active ingredients like Tiger Grass, a hydrating and deeply calming botanical antioxidant that replenishes skin, even after flare-ups. With other nutrient-rich actives like Seaweed and Purslane, this mask takes replenishment to the next level.

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