Luna Wipes Pro Pak - 350 qty | Functional Botanicals

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Luna Wipes Pro Pak, 350 qty | Functional Botanicals

Functional Botanicals, Luna Wipes Provide a luxurious and loving skincare experience with Luna Wipes. A Sensual essential oil blend featuring Rose Absolute, Rose Geranium, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, and Copaiba in a base of Argan and Fractionated Coconut Oil. Designed to be ultra-moisturizing, offering a sophisticated, grounding yet soft scent while being incredibly nourishing to the skin. With high therapeutic essential oils, this blend is ultra-moisturizing, anti-aging, and a wonderful makeup remover. Being a dry wipe, Luna Wipes have no chemical preservatives.

An ideal alternative to the laundry-intensive linens, these little gems provide a unique experience. Activated by hot or cold water, uses include aromatherapy delivery, oil or mask removal, face and body cleansing or toning, great for wound care and combination skin treatment. Starting out as a dry tablet (about the size of a nickel), made of pressed sustainably sourced renewable bamboo, add a tablespoon of water and it turns into an 8"x10" all natural towelette. With superior ingredients on soft pliable bamboo, these wipes offer a radiant and unique skincare experience.

Long Shelf Life - Our wipes can be kept packed for 3-5 years and still remain fresh and viable. Natural - Free of chemicals. Only 7 botanical organic or wildcrafted botanicals infused in soft, renewable, durable, and biodegradable bamboo.
Ultra-moisturizing with high-end aesthetic smell and feeling. Safe for mucous membranes

Compact and Lightweight - 35 applications in Resealable 2 oz Rice Paper Bag
Great to refill the pocket size travel tube
350 Applications in 33 oz Rice Paper Bag 12" x 7.5" x 3.5" Each wipe weighs - 2.1 grams / Each wipe weighs - 2.1 grams
Opens to an 8" x 10" biodegradable bamboo wipe
Superior makeup removal and moisturizing for facial treatment
Ingredients - Rose Absolute, **Copiaba, *Frankincense, *Ylang Ylang and *Rose Geranium in a base of Organic *Fractionated Coconut Oil and *Argan Oil. (*certified organic **wildcrafted)

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