Remedy Cream | [ comfort zone ]

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Remedy Cream | [ comfort zone ] - 60 mL

Light, soothing and hydrating cream for delicate and sensitive skins. With natural-origin Prebiotic and Marula Oil, it reinforces the skin’s defense, providing a sensation of comfort and protection.

  • Fragrance and silicone-free.
  • Non-oily, non-occlusive texture.
  • Soothing, hydrating effect.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin prone to redness.


This refreshing fragrance-free face cream is scientifically-formulated to provide the hydration you need without any irritating fragrances. It also uses natural-origin prebiotics infused in Marula Oil to protect your delicate skin, while reinforcing its defenses with incredible soothing benefits. This face cream is also made with 91% natural ingredients that are plant origin, non-occlusive, and won’t clog pores. 


91% natural-origin ingredients. pH 5-6 Free from synthetic fragrance, silicones, SLES, SLS. Suitable for vegans. Produced with energy from renewable resources. CO2 compensated packaging.
Apply daily, morning and evening, to clean skin on its own or after applying serum. Massage delicately until completely absorbd.
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