Shamanri Young-Energy Body Oil | iYURA

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Experience responsible skincare for an aging body that does not just make your skin look beautiful, and also help it feel and look stronger and more flexible 

  • Super-light-feeling oil will surprise you with what it does!
  • Get the benefits of ‘Shatavari’ - the herb that’s especially fruitful for women’s wellness
  • The powers of Sandalwood and Pushkarmool will soothe and calm your aging skin and become the solid support that it has been seeking!
  • Smoothen the look of wrinkles, saggy skin or flakiness
  • Help your skin feel energized, fresh and youthful with a daily gentle massage
  • Keep the body moisturized with 100% natural, premium body skincare
  • Feel more flexible and stronger in your joints, bones, muscles

What’s more?  

Ayurveda’s unique formulation - Shamanri - brings you more than just moisture, more than just glow, more than just what any other oil can do for you! 


100 mL/3.38 fl oz

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