Smooth Things Over | Barefoot Scientist

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Smooth Things Over | Barefoot Scientist


what is it?
Smooth Things Over™ is an effective, easy-to-use pedicure file that keeps feet soft and smooth.

what does it do?
Made with premium stainless steel, this file can exfoliate feet to remove calluses, dry skin and rough patches as well as gently smooth the skin depending on how much pressure is applied.

why is it the best?
We designed this foot file to be safe and effective on every type of skin. This universal file is also double-sided with a grittier side to exfoliate and a flat side to smooth. An easy-to-hold handle allows for comfortable targeted exfoliation of heels.

why will you love it?
Because you’ll walk as smoothly as you talk.

How To Use: Use on damp feet after a shower or bath. Applying desired pressure, move in a circular motion across skin to remove calluses. Apply lighter pressure to smooth and massage other dry, rough patches of skin. After each use, rinse file with warm water and allow to air dry.

Not only is Smooth Things Over™ the perfect universal foot file, but it is fantastic for use about a week post-treatment of Reboot™ exfoliating foot peel as well as to assist with removal of the friction-blocking coating of our blister prevention spray.


MSRP: $15

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