Spa Day Aromatherapy Shower Oil | Travertine
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Spa Day Aromatherapy Shower Oil | Travertine

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Spa Day Aromatherapy Shower Oil | Travertine - 1 fl oz/30 mL

The jewel of the Collezione Ossidiana.
An innovative aromatherapy experience!
Your body becomes an aromatherapy scent vessel in the shower.

Rotate flacon lid 90 degrees to open. Gently massage a small amount on chest and lower back before shower or bath. Close your eyes and enjoy this relaxing essential oil blend that elevates your shower/bathing experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Rinse off with warm water. Complete your bathing experience with your favorite shower/bath gel

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Travertine is a lifestyle brand of natural/organic body care products, resort apparel, and home products made and designed in the USA.

They travels the globe for inspiration, ingredients, ancient skin care rituals and therapeutic body treatments. The result is a line of unique vitamin rich botanical products. They are a boutique brand. You won't find them everywhere - but you will find them in the right places. They are founded upon the belief that people should treat themselves well.