Strawberry Mood Fruit™ Lip Therapy | Farmhouse Fresh

Sale price$20.00

Juicy moisture + a hint of pink!

What it is: We're in the mood! Nourish lips with a smooth and creamy burst of vitamins that develops into the perfect shade of sheer sangria-pink based on your body chemistry! Organic strawberries infused with 7 botanical oils, and encapsulated vitamin C bring total hydration, with an addictive natural strawberry flavor that has you dreaming of strawberry patches in the summertime!  

Why you'll love it: Sinfully rich, sensationally creamy – this long-wear formula lasts and lasts with just one application.

What fans say: "I've tried lip products before that create a shade on your lips based on your chemistry and the color has always looked awful. I hesitated to buy this one but went ahead and ordered it and was pleasantly surprised. This leaves me with moisturized lips and the nicest, most natural looking color that looks good on me". - Read more reviews below.

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