Scentered Aromatherapy Wellbeing Ritual

Scentered balms and candles a mindfulness lifestyle brand that has created a unique Wellbeing Ritual, when applied to pulse points (wrist, neck and temples) the balms provide an instant, personal sensory experience, whilst their candles create a shared sensory experience through ambience and mood-setting.
Since its inception, Scentered has been dedicated to disrupting the essential oils category by offering 100% natural, earth-friendly aromatherapy solutions that promote positive mental wellbeing. They take the guesswork out of what to use by offering premium blends focused solely on the most common wellbeing need-states surrounding sleep, stress, connection, concentration, relaxation and balance. Their proprietary Wellbeing Ritual keeps it simple, by encouraging you to intentionally take mindful breaks throughout your day to Stop. Inhale. Reset. Their innovative solid balm format allows you to easily experience renewed positivity on-the-go, with less mess. Scentered is eco-conscious, taking great care to formulate with no harmful, synthetic ingredients and design to minimize their carbon footprint by reducing packaging waste and promoting the creative reusability of their packaging.


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